Ritual Confessions

March 17, 2008


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Nick is as ill as I’ve ever seen him. I almost called 911 because he was barely making sense. I feel so sorry for him. It seems he has a norovirus, which means that he essentially needs to be quarantined from me and the baby. Noroviruses are highly contagious and somehow I feel that if I become as ill as he is right now, the pregnancy could be compromised. As it is, I feel so unwell myself, in all the ways I described yesterday, but because his situation is so much worse, he obviously can’t help take care of Charlotte or pick up any of the household responsibilities. I’ve been making him tea and driving out to the store to get him his favorite seltzer and bringing him whatever he needs. Beyond that, I’ll be sleeping on the floor in my office because it would hardly be smart to share the bed with him. I don’t know what else this season can throw at us.

Tomorrow morning I have a dentist appointment to investigate the pain in my jaw. Apparently, pregnancy intensifies tooth discomfort. The pain is very strange: it’s been moving around and changing in nature. On Friday, I thought it was the kind of pain that beset one after a night of grinding one’s teeth. By Saturday morning, I thought it was probably a cavity; it seemed to be radiating from one particular upper tooth in the back of my mouth. Today it’s pervading the whole upper and lower jaw on the left side, and I’d characterize it as an ache in the gums. The dentist was very nice. Although I’m not an established patient in his practice, and indeed, he’d never spoken to me before, he called me back during the weekend and agreed to fit me in first thing tomorrow.

Right now, I’m having a hard time deciding whether I actually, legitimately feel nauseous, or if I’m so afraid of coming down with what Nick has that I’m imagining it or conjuring it into being. We had sex this morning, so in all likelihood I’m fucked (literally and figuratively). I’m going to sign off now and set up some makeshift sleeping arrangement on the floor. 



  1. You poor things … you’re really having a terrible run of bad luck. I hope Nick feels better soon — usually those are 24-hour type things, with a couple of days of stunned prostration afterward. Good luck at the dentist, and I hope that you and Charlotte remain healthy. Bleach is your friend. 🙂

    Comment by davidrochester — March 17, 2008 @ 3:11 pm

  2. Oh good grief! You poor thing! I hope your immune system is strong enough to fight it off, and the dentist finds something small and easy to fix. Lysol is also your friend. 🙂

    Comment by Shawn W — March 18, 2008 @ 4:32 am

  3. And a motel is definitely your friend!

    No, in all seriousness, I hope David is right and it has a short life cycle and that you and Charlotte remain (or get) healthy! You certainly don’t need anything else attacking your immune system!

    Comment by Corina — March 18, 2008 @ 5:41 am

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